Where is our spirit, or our heart ?
From where does the rapture come, when lights embrace us ?

Venus left it behind-Multipul


Selling at

・Hara Museum  Comtemporary Art

and Hara Museum  ARC


・Kirishima Open-Air Museum


​・Hitomi Uchikura studio 

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News !

April, 2020

Gouttes de Lune is installed at the model room of Asahikasei, Tokyo, Japan


March, 2020

Gouttes de Lune is installed at Hotel BlestonCourt, Karuzawa, Japan

, as a permanent 

March 23, 2020

Lumiere is installed at the entrance of Virtus XV-Tokiwa Bldg. inTokyo

, as a permanent 


March 14 - July 05, 2020

Gouttes de Lune is exhibied at Hara Museum ARC-Kankai pavillion